November 8th at Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Panels with clinicians, scholars, and graduate students
  • Presentations on the path to becoming a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst
  • Breakfast and lunch provided

To register, contact Ashley Sterchele, Regional Co-chair at
Drexel University College of Medicine is at 2900 Queen Lane, in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia

Free and open to the public! Street parking and easy public transportation by the regional rail!

Many researchers presently hope to find the cause of mental illness in the biology of the brain. Yet a vocal contingent is discontented with what they see as an overly narrow view: they eschew models that privilege neuroscience, and argue for models that recognize the profound role society and culture have on shaping the development of minds and personalities. Clinicians of course, acknowledge the psychosocial dimension already in the so-called culture-bound syndromes (e.g. koro, and ataque de nervios). And new research in medical anthropology has begun to demonstrate that even the florid symptoms of psychosis, such as the content of delusions or hallucinations, appear to express the wider culture.

Can psychiatry explain—much less treat—the ‘biopsychosocial’ illnesses by reducing them to underlying diseases of the brain? Or must psychiatry make room for perspectives in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, and progress as a humanist branch of medicine?

Institutional Sponsors

Psychiatry Interest Group Network
Drexel Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Interest Group
Temple Medicine Department of Psychiatry
Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry

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